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Let's Grow, Let's Own a House


Indonesia has just celebrated its 76th independence anniversary on August 17. This year’s Independence Day celebration carries the theme Tough Indonesia, Growing Indonesia. This theme contains a message that the Indonesian people must have an unyielding spirit and have the resilience, especially in facing various challenges. In addition, this theme also contains hope that the people of Indonesia will continue to grow, continue to advance together in pursuing goals, for a better future for Indonesia.

There are many ways to show we have grown. Having a job or pursuing a passion that we are seriously interested in is one of them. Another way to show that we have reached a certain stage in life is to own a house that we dream of.

In addition to realizing our dream, owning our own house is also an investment because in the future the value or price of the house will always increase. Owning a house also means fostering economic and businesses, especially in the world of property. The public can become active participants in realizing the theme of Indonesia's independence by buying or owning their own house.

However, in buying a house, you still have to pay attention to many things so you will not regret it later. There are several things you should do and pay attention to in order to buy property, including:

1. Checking It by Yourself

You have to see for yourself the prospective building to be purchased, so that you really get an idea and make sure the house is built according to your wishes. In addition, by checking it directly, you can find out exactly where the area location of the house you are interested in, so you can find out whether the area is prone to flooding or crime. Moreover, you can check things such as the status of the land, whether there is an entrance to housing, how the drainage system works, and others factors. You can also find out for yourself how the road facilities are; whether it is wide enough and whether the traffic conditions are clear or often experience severe congestion.

2. Ease of Mobility and Access

By checking the potential house by yourself, you can see exactly where your prospective house is located. The location of houses, especially new housing, are usually far from the city center. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the ease of access when buying a house. Access near the main road and/or toll road is certainly the main attraction for prospective homeowners to facilitate mobility. Even if it is quite far, ensure the housing has easy access to toll roads or mass public transportation such as commuter lines. This is highly related to the time of the trips from your home to the office. Meanwhile, if you have to use a private vehicle, you don’t want your expenses and time to be spent too much on your commute.

One other thing you need to pay attention to is the educational facilities or school access from the housing. Check whether the housing provides its own educational facilities or whether there are schools that are quite close to the housing. Quality schools have a direct impact on property values around the schools.

3. Easy Access to Public Places

Another thing you should pay attention to is how the access from the housing to public places. Good and quality housing is the one that has easy access to public places such as markets, hospitals, police stations and others. Access to public places must ease you and your family, even your household assistants, to go shopping at the market, or if someone is sick.

Usually a good housing developer will explain standard facilities, such as Public Facilities and Social Facilities, or what facilities they offer, to potential buyers of their homes. Public facilities include public roads, drainage channels or rainwater sewers, lighting for houses and roads, drinking water and clean water facilities, and telephone and internet networks. Meanwhile, social facilities include houses o